Kaur's Kitchen

Kaur’s Kitchen offers gourmet catering and
corporate lunches.
Our fresh food catering primarily is made up
of North Indian cuisine.

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What We Do

Kaur’s Kitchen is based out of Tukwila and is family run. Sukhjeet is the head chef for this operation. She came to the US in 1992 from Punjab. It has always been her lifelong dream to share her passion for northern Indian food.

She learned cooking from her mother at an early age in India and has given her own family this gift of cooking healthy and delicious meals. In addition, she started sharing her food with friends and neighbors. Through this sharing, she received many compliments about her food and has been constantly encouraged to further share her food.

It’s out of this encouragement that Sukhjeet decided to launch her food as a personal chef in 2013. Sukhjeet soon found there was a need for services offering northern Indian food delivery that provided the kind of healthy options that our community desires. Her services then lead to greater demand by word of mouth and client referrals.

Sukhjeet is now ready to move on to her next phase of sharing food by formally launching her meal delivery service through this website. Sukhjeet continues to create elevated, family, comfort food favorites in and around the greater Seattle area.